• Soils Testing

    Including field compaction testing (in-place density and moisture content), bearing value determinations, laboratory testing including: hydraulic conductivity testing (permeability), grain size analysis, unified soil classification, and various soil strength parameter testing including consolidation testing, shear testing, California Bearing Ratio testing, etc.

  • Concrete Sampling + Testing

    including on-site sampling of concrete, grout, and mortar as delivered to job site, testing of aggregates and laboratory testing of field sampled concrete for flexural strength and compressive strenth, design and verification of concrete mixes, batch plant control, sample hardened concrete by diamond coring, and various nondestructive tests to evaluate the quality of concrete.

  • Structural Steel + Welding Inspections

    Field inspection of bolts, (LeJeune and A325), welds, and steel reinforcement bars.

  • Sprayed Fire-Resistant Materials Inspections

    including materials typing, coverage, and thickness.

  • Field + Laboratory Testing of Asphalt

    including bitumen extractions, Marshall specimen preparations and analysis, thickness verifications, plant verifications, and bulk specific gravity and density determinations.