Geotechnical Engineering + Subsurface Exploration

Along with Materials Testing, Geo-technical Engineering is Preston’s other core competency. We have our own drill rig with sufficient equipment to conduct a variety of subsurface investigations in order to determine the engineering properties of soils and rock. A laboratory analysis is performed on the field secured samples and then a written report summarizing the findings is prepared by a professional engineer.

Materials Testing

Materials Testing is one of Preston’s core competencies. We offer a wide range of materials testing services for Soils, Asphalt, and Concrete.

Environmental Services

Preston offers a wide range of environmental services including but not limited to Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA’s), Wetland Delineation & US Army Corps of Engineers Permitting, State Waters Determination, Asbestos Inspections & Testing, Lead Base Paint Inspections & Testing, GEPA & NEPA Report Preparation, and Monitoring Well Installation.